Monday, October 02, 2006

salams everyone...

i hope inshallah this finds you all in the best of states...

i wanted to pass on this link to a libyan professionals organization that was recently started by a group of extremely dedicated individuals i know. the idea was sparked at the recent libyan camp in ohio this year and it has the capability of turning into something absolutely incredible... at this point, its an opportunity to create a forum to network with other professionals, graduates, academics, etc... and a few more ideas are being ironed out in terms of future plans the organization has in store.

at this point though - a good base of dedicated people is needed... and once thats a go, it can upshift and launch into something absolutely amazing...

potentially the generation of libyans we've been waiting for... please check it out, and pass it on to our fellow bro's and sista's... :)


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