Sunday, December 10, 2006

Map of Museums in Libya

These last days we have been very busy trying to find information about museums in Libya to ellaborate a map of museums in that country.

Unfortunately, the International Council of African Museums (AFRICOM) is not including in its website information about Libyan Museums. However, they are wonderful institutions which specifically need of more visibility to be recognized as they should be in the international landscape. That is the reason why after an intense search in the Social Web, we have elaborated this map which gathers and places all museums we are aware of. Now, thanks to the Web2.0 tools, it is our pleasure to share this map of Libyan Museums with all of you.

Do not forget to check e-artcasting Photoproject and add your comments and tags to the image. Thanks to some comments at the Blog KhadijaTeri, we would have to improve some details and add more information to this. So, stay tuned because we will soon publish the changes. Besides, we are preparing a detailed compilation of online resources about the Jamahiriya Museum at Tripoli.

Images: lamusediffuse: Map of Museums in Libya, 2006


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