Friday, May 11, 2007

i am leaving to london Tomorrow

Hello All

Tomorrow i am going to uk - London with my mother visting my sister and helping her and take care of her son till she finish her Examples.
maybe i am going to stay Month or 2 months ,who knows..still unknowing Thing.
Well, i am happy And not` Happy first becoues we lost our father on 29-5- and the date of her death will come when we re away.and i will not` be able to vist him, and happy becoues this time i am going to see my friend she is working and studying thier.she is on london from 1 year.years come so fast subhann first i lost my dad ..and my firend go to uk..
Well, i am telling you this becoues if anyone living on uk "London" i am telling her or him or them "Family" maybe we can meet.
just tell me where i can find you..and be sure we will meet.

Best wishs for all.


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