Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ramdan on LovelytTripoli

Ramdan on LovelytTripoli

Frst i need to send my greeting to all muslims around the world.
not only on Libya or Tripoli...
Hapyy ramdan...and wish that ALLAH..accpet us on this month..
and forgive our misstakes..and help us to fast it by Good Way..

What can i say about Ramdan on Tripoli..
Tripoli on ramdan wear a smart dress that has a good effect on selviues..
Every libyan have Diifrent way of living with Ramdan month..
some choesing to go to work on the morring and back home on the noon to praying and reading home or go to moSQ..when they can praying with others "Jamaeh".
and after that some men going to the center of Tripoli...walking around the old City...or watching markts..and shops..
when the shoping getting hight on this month...buysing Foods on the first Ramdan and Colthes on the last Ramdan for Eid..
Tripoli have famous sweets on ramdan..that make it at sweets shops or women can make it at home..

All that sweets have making only at Ramdan month..
and ALMDIANH ALKDAEIMAH streest became more Crowd with Coustmures and people..around the noon and afternoon and on the nights..

after almgreb you can see the men and women going to Mosq for praying ..and some of them chosing to praying at home with the family..after praying they siting togthers enjoying eating the foods..with the family...and watching Tv Ramdan shows..Porgrames..

when alesha praying came some of the men and women go to the mosq for praying alesha and altraweh..for long time..

after that every person have a shop or markt...go to his works..
and keeping wake to late times..
and you can see the lights shining around the City..and looks so beutfull...
and when the muslim are fasting he should doing do anything bad..
or dirnk or eat or having sex during the Ramdan morning or noon or the afternoon..but after eating he came have his normal life with his wife...and his kids..
and the muslim should be Patient..and humble..and Gonerous with poor people..and help them for having normal ramdan and good one with them families..

on 20 ramdan muslims waiting Qader night with more praying and keeping wake to late time everynight Reading alQran and asking Allah for the forgivnessa dn for giving them what they wish to have..

and on the last ramdan the muslim give some of his money as ZAKAH to a more poor people or gifts to let them buys new colthes to them children to look as normal kids..and familiers..

and the eid..for younger and teenager girls and boys..
buying new colthes for them..
and women making some libyan sweets at home..for The Eid..
and for them family.
and another new sweets and cookes for kids..

on day of the eid Alfter muslims men and women going to pary the Eid praying on the mosq...and after end the parying the people shaking each others hands and asking the forgivness form each others..
and exchange them greetings ..and going to vist olders people on the familiers..
and exchange the visting..and take the kids of the zoo or to the big garden for playing with others and showing them new colthes ..and enjoying them times..
and the kids have some money Dinar or half Dinar..or more or a gift to the kid to buy some sweets to himself..
and we give sweets and chookelt to kids ...

and you can see all the libyan and Tripolian people Enjoying them times on Ramdan and on Eid alfter..
Hope that i gave you some infromationg about Ramdan on Tripoli


Friday, September 22, 2006

Zumit ancient Hotel & Restaurant

From The insaide..
A hotel from the Othman period used since it was installed as a hotel and as a rendezvous for convey merchants coming from Africa and Europe.
it located near Tripoli harbor and opposite the Marcos Aurelius Arc. in bab albaher ( the old city ) which is one of the remains of roman OEA on which Tripoli as located.

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Taken on August 9, 2006 (edit)
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Libyan Flag

Libyan Flag
Originally uploaded by LovelyHibo.
Every time i leave the old city from Bab almushir`s Door,i have stranger feeling..
i found myself loved this place more then the first time i came to see it.
"My Words;hibo"


Alslam alkum wrhmato allah wabraktoh..


i wish to see the pace on Iraq and Plastain and Lebanon and Sudan..
See the pace all around where you can see muslims..

wish that allah accpet us in this ramdan and forgive us all
the life and the death amin...


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ramadan will be here soon

What's your favourite Libyan dish to eat during Ramadan?