Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A New member

Welcome Jumana of Unconventional.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Urge to return?

Salam Everyone,
First and foremost - Eid Mubarek to all! Kul sana waintum taibeen! I hope you enjoyed the feasting on this joyest Eid commemorating Prophet Ibrahim's (pbuh) sincere devotion to God in his willingness to sacrifice his son. May the guidance, light and blessings of Allah be with you always!

I wanted to ask you all - my fellow Libyan brothers and sisters - whether you also have the sporadic urge to return to Libya or not? Since I have never lived in Libya, I often feel very disconnected with the country and I often feel the need to return for a visit to renew that connection, which is already quite weak. But as I grow older, I feel an increasingly strong urge to live in the Arab/Muslim world. A few days ago I actually pulled up a map and started debating which Arab country I would live in. Given that many of my best friends are in the Gulf region, the area is certainly favorable. But then I stopped myself and wondered - in all of this debating - why haven't I ever seriously considered moving to Libya?
I often just dismiss the thought as quickly as it arrives. But then...Why do I continuously need to be an outsider in someone else's land instead of contributing and living in my own? Perhaps it's easier to be an outsider in someone else's land than to feel like a foreigner in my own.

Do any of you have the same feelings? Have any of you had these thoughts and returned? If so, what were your conclusions.