Saturday, January 21, 2006

my days in london

i came to london from a week,i spend days looking for the museum here.
looking for more fun by visting new placess..
but the first reasons for coming here that is my sister got her first baby
and i came with my mother to help her.
i have long time not` have been in lodon,last time i remeber i was 9 years old.
but i keep remember few things about it.
now im here around everything i have a stranger feeling..
i cant` feel i am here in one of pupler countries which many of people dreaming to be here.
well. i dont feel much happy here..
Can you belive me! i dont` think so..!?
i feel lonely,no friends...can hang out with me ,enjoying with me..
i feel i am stranger here..sometimes i feel i am about to cry..
i miss being with my best friends,laoughing, having fun,enjoying eating outsaide the home,enjoying walking around ..
is it a normal feeling!!?


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